Internal Medicine

Schwartzman Rheumatology

Rheumatologists located in Upper East Side, New York, NY

Dr. Monica Schwartzman is a member of 72nd Street Medical Associates, a multi-specialty group of physicians affiliated with New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medicine.  She provides personalized care in an increasingly complex medical system.  In her capacity as an internist, Dr. Monica Schwartzman performs comprehensive annual physical examinations and screenings, preventative care, pre-operative assessments, as well as treatment for a range of chronic medical conditions and acute care for urgent concerns.  She practices medicine with a focus on prevention and wellness.  She is always an advocate for her patients, coordinating among different specialists to ensure that her patients’ medical care is seamlessly integrated among all providers.  She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and consistent about communicating with her patients.